Dear Mum ….This one is just for you!

I’ve decided I want to do a few blog posts on what makes me ME! I feel like the perfect start to this is a little dedication to the amazing woman that brought me into this world!

img_6846.jpg  img_6847.jpg

•You are always so positive

•Unbelievably kind and caring


•Totally Selfless

•Smiley (I definitely get that from my Mama!)


•Open, I know Daisy (my sister), Myself and Fliss could always go to you with any problems and you never judge


•Funny, slut dropping Nana comes to my mind while I write this! (She is going to kill me for mentioning this)

•Confident, although you don’t always feel it, I think you are always so brave!

•Generous, this is a trait that runs through my whole family, we are all way too generous but Mum you definitely put everyone else first

•Patient, this is something you definitely are everyday with the job you do. With me as a horrible teenager and with Dad, Daisy and me when we bicker, especially then!


• Friend, you’re not just my mum you are my best friend

•Strong, you brought two babies in to this world (that shows your strength alone) you’ve completed Marathons and Climbed Mountains!


•Passion, you always show passion in everything you do! Whether it’s your work, cooking a new meal from scratch or travelling the world

•LOVE! You are soooo loving! Like unbelievably so! I adore the way you and Dad are just as loved up now after over 25 years of marriage

img_6074 img_6041

I feel like I could go on and on and if you’ve met my mum you probably could too, she is pretty AMAZING! I just want to say thanks Mum for everything you do and for always supporting me! I’m so lucky for everyday I spend with you and Felicity is incredibly lucky to have a Nana like you!

img_5962       img_1663         img_5316

When people tell me I’m acing motherhood (I’m honestly not by the way) I definitely get it from my Mama ❤️

img_6843Love You Mum




Sling Swing Swindon

Baby wearing, you may see a lot of parents and guardians wearing there babies in carriers or slings, there might even be a sling or carrier on your to buy list… but have you ever seen a group of babywearing people dancing!? Sling Swing is a class for parents or guardians to bond with their baby and have fun!

Here are just some of the benefits of baby wearing;

I first went along to an Easter special of sling swing! I was so not prepared for the workout that was about to follow but had so much fun! Amy that runs sling swing Swindon is so amazing! She really put me at ease and is so friendly and caring and extremely passionate about what she does, she really is a credit to sling swing!

I did a term of sling and had so much fun and made some great friends at the class although I’m sure my friend didn’t appreciate my toe stepping during the couple and group dances! My only reason for not continuing was purely lack of time with my work and juggling everything else but when I found out Amy was running outdoor pay as you go sessions I thought it was great way to join again and get out in the fresh air!

Amy asked me along to a few sessions this summer and unfortunately the weather took a major turn for the worse but that doesn’t stop Amy dancing, she invited us all to her house for the session! If that isn’t going above and beyond for the mamas and babies I don’t know what is!? I arrived at Amy’s house and knew which one it was by the Pom Pom hanging on the door, this session was a smaller group than normal and was really nice. After all our dancing we sat and chatted while the babies played and time flew by.


Next up I decided it was mums turn! I’ve already taken Dan along to the Father’s Day special and my mum was so jealous so now it’s was her time to have a go! Mum loved the class and was really surprised she managed to do the whole class whilst wearing Fliss. Felicity is pretty heavy now but by having her in a carrier the weight is distributed more evenly so you can dance away and its not too heavy compared to holding her normally.

Our last class this summer was in the park on a nice summers day! We danced under the trees so was nice and shaded for the babies I loved dancing outside this was definitely my favourite location obviously it helped the weather was nice! Afterward sitting and chatting in the gorgeous park was so nice!


Whilst I’ve been attending sling swing I’ve met so many mums who all parent differently but have one thing in common they love having fun and bonding with their babies and at the end of the sessions when we all sit and chat, I’ve never felt out of place and feel confident if I needed help or advice these ladies would be happy to help. I would highly recommend trying sling swing and if all the classes are like Amy’s you’ll always receive a very warm welcome.

I love Sling Swing because although I’m rubbish at dancing I love bonding and being close with Fliss and sling swing offers this and sooo much more!


Lastly I would just like to thank Amy again for offering such an amazing and important class in Swindon, you truly go above and beyond for us mamas and babies and I feel very lucky to call you my friend 🙂 x

Top 18 Baby Buys…. So far!

This is something I get asked all the time! Like most first time mums and parents I definitely have fallen in to the trap of those marketing giants that make you think you really need everything, but I also bought some products that we just couldn’t have lived without for the last 6 months, so here are my top 18 all in one place for you.

1. Sleepyhead Deluxe and Accessories

So when I told Dan I was going to be spending £140 on a cushion pod for her to sleep in inside her cot he was not convinced! After a couple of restless night in the hospital we came home and put our teeny newborn Fliss in to the Sleepyhead and she slept amazing straight away. I love how the sleepy head snuggles your little ones in! We would still be using it now if we didn’t have such a wriggler! The toy arch and toys are an amazing addition and great for an alternative to a huge baby gym, space saving and so trendy! I loved the Mrs Mighetto toys so much, and its great for tummy time.


2. Tutti Bambini

So I was offered a chicco next to me second hand and cheap so I didn’t do much research, when I collected it I realised I really wasn’t keen. It felt really wobbly and just not very sturdy at all (controversial, as I know everyone loves them). I returned it and went and had a look around a few stores and found the same, all the display models seemed a bit wobbly too! Then we found the tutti bambini. Its a lot more sturdy because the legs are more supporting and the shelf underneath helps that too! The shelf underneath is great to store all your blankets and sleeping bags. The tutti also seems a bit bigger so a lot more space if you have a wriggly baby! The look of the tutti is definitely appealing and in my opinion is definitely one of the nicest and stylish looking next to bed cribs out there! It’s also easy to collapse and put up and comes with a handy travel bag for if you go away!


3. Ewan The Dream Sheep

As seen above, Ewan was a gift and he is amazing! When Felicity stirs in the night we put him on and she drops straight back to sleep. He is also a great toy for her to play with!

4. Snuza Hero

The Snuza Hero is a portable breathing monitor that is medically certified! Its amazing and we didn’t have any false alarms until Felicity was clever enough to pull it off. The Snuza vibrates 15 seconds after breathing stops and then alarms after 20 seconds. It really gave me peace of mind when Felicity was so small and I 100% would invest in one again if/when we have another baby. It simply just attached on to the front of babies nappy.


5. Gro bag and Aden + Anis sleeping bags

I’ve found sleeping bags great! They are easy to do up and undo when you need to do a nappy change with a half asleep baby they are also nice and safe for your baby to sleep in and there are some amazing ones out there. My favourites are Gro bag and Aden + Anis! This Kissing Bunnies print from Gro is a firm favourite!


6. Joie Swing Chair

This was amazing! Felicity looked so diddy when I first put her in this, but it was perfect for helping her drift off in those early weeks and for putting her somewhere safe and giving your arms a break! As Felicity got older it was great for her to play with the swinging toys and she spent a good few naps in the swing chair! I was very sad when her legs started to dangle over the edge and she got more mobile and it was time to say goodbye to the Swing Chair, why don’t they make them for older babies? Oh yeah because they move soooo much!


7. Prep machine

The tommee tippee prep machine is a must for any formula feeding parents! It’s super quick and easy and a life saver! How could anyone wait for water to cool down? When you have a screaming hungry baby you want the milk ready quick and at the perfect temperature.


8. Frankie Lola bibs

These bibs are AMAZING!! I’ve now had about 6 people go out and buy these after seeing or hearing me talk about them! I love independent small businesses and Frankie Lola is fab! The bibs are super absorbent and soft! They come in a range of colours and patterns and matching leggings, hair bands and blankets are also available! I love the popper to do them up (I’ve learnt Velcro is not your friend when your in a rush doing lots of washing loads!). They are also a lot bigger than your standard triangle bibs! Plus 5 bibs for £10 is an amazing deal!!


9. Bullabaloo Muslin

Muslins are every mums go to! I’ve had a few different brands but bullabaloos are the softest most marshmallowy ever. Even after 100s of washes they are still so soft! They have the most amazing patterns and colours and they do the large size which are perfect for creating shade when out in the sun, having a picnic blanket and also a cover up when breastfeeding (I don’t breastfeed but when my friend forgot a cover up I offered my large flamingo Muslin and it was perfect!)


10. Shnuggle baby bath

This baby bath is great! Offers support for your little one, has them sat upright which is a lot easier to clean them! It’s not massive and it is a great price too! I love this bath and it’s easy to take anywhere with you!


11. Baby skin care

Kokoso, obviously it’s amazing!! You’ve heard me rave about it lots, its just the best. Check out my previous post to find out more about them!

Childs farm sun cream is great, its super kind on eczema prone skin and doesn’t cause any irritation on Fliss!

Lush dream cream… it took the internet by storm with its miracle cure to eczema on a little child! It works!! We ditched what the Dr prescribed after Felicity’s eczema kept coming back. After using Dream Cream it disappeared and we now use it once a day to maintain her eczema free skin!


12. Pram/ Travel System

We went for the Silver cross pioneer in black and chrome! I love the pram, it’s amazing! I know so many people that have 3 or 4 prams and buggy’s. I do get this as some times you need a more road buggy ect… Well I’ve gone off road with the pioneer and thought it was amazing through a very bumpy mud track in the middle of a field and Fliss looked comfy! We have recently got a new buggy mainly so Dan always has it in the car and we wanted something a lot more compact, but I won’t part with my Pioneer, it’s amazing and stylish!


13. Changing Bag

Of course it has to be The bag, if you’re in to fashion and a Mum to be or Mum you’ll of heard of TIBA +MARL. We have the raf holdall in floral and I love it! This bag looks amazing (I always get complimented on it) I love all the compartments inside and it’s easy to wipe clean. The changing mat that comes with the bag is great and folds up nice and small! I love with TIBA + MARL that you get a little cross the body bag/pouch which is so handy! I’ve even used it on nights out! You also get a dust bag…. which just adds that designer touch!

So because I have a floral bag… I decided to get a second changing bag for Dan and for when we wear our carrier! I went for the Skip hop back pack! This back pack is massive and is so great for big long days out with the whole family! It has a little pouch, a changing mat and a dummy bag, it’s so amazing! I especially love all the different compartments so you can store everything nice and neatly.


14.Baby Bjorn One Carrier

This carrier is THE BEST!! I love the look it’s so nice and comes in lots of colours! It’s super comfy for me and Fliss and she loves it! It’s great for long walks in the countryside and also just a quick pop in to the supermarket! Its amazing when Felicity goes through clingy fazes, I can get jobs done but she’s still attached to me. The Baby Bjorn One is very adjustable and so Dan finds it really comfy too.


15.Teething Toys


Sophie la girafe is a firm favourite in our house but only as Felicity got older maybe 5/ 5 and a half months!

Matchstick monkey is also amazing and nice and small to pop in your bag!

The Nuby ones that go in your fridge are great for at home too!



The jumperoo changed our lives!! It’s amazing, it’s offers endless entertainment for Felicity and keeps her contained! Yes the music is repetitive but gosh she loves it!


17.Highchair, Mamas and Papas Bop

This Highchair is fabulous! It looks nice and stylish, super easy to clean! Felicity finds it comfy and it’s a bargain at £49


18.Buggy Armadillo City 2

We recently bought a buggy to keep in the car, Mamas and Papas Armadillo City 2 stroller is amazing. This stroller folds in half so it’s nice and compact (not small enough for the plane, look at the Acro for that) It fits really easily in our boot with plenty of space for all our bags for a trip away or the weekly shop! The opening and collapsing mechanism is so simple and you can actually do it one handed, great for when you are on your own.


These are personally my best buys and they have all made the new parenting life a little bit easier for us. Any questions please just ask 🙂 x

Coconutty Goodness

Coconut oil is a hugely popular product at the moment for cooking, for hair treatments, for skin care and so much more. So when I came across Kokoso on a midnight scroll through instagram towards the end of pregnancy I followed them instantly, and when I was a bit more awake and alert, had a good read and made a few purchases for my newborn! Thats right these products are suitable for your scrummy new born, below is Felicity after her first proper bath at a couple of weeks old.


I had to do a full post on this brand because its quite simply everything I love! We actually have every product they do so I will talk a little about each. I love knowing when I make a purchase I’m supporting a fellow Boss Mum and her family, I’m helping that dream grow bigger, since I’ve been a customer Kokoso is now in 826 Boots stores across the UK and Ireland and thats just huge and also really handy when you suddenly realise you’ve ran out! I know I am buying a product super kind and natural on Felicity’s skin and that makes me feel I’m doing the best I can for her too.

 Kokoso Baby is the natural infant skincare brand started by Lauren when she was a new mum and wanted the very best for her little one’s sensitive skin. She discovered the wonders of raw virgin organic coconut oil and quickly became passionate about its many amazing skincare benefits and uses.

Lauren spent a long time searching for the perfect lightweight coconut oil for baby skincare – and didn’t stop until she’d found something really special to share with other parents and their little ones. After winning the Boots ‘Inspired by Baby’ competition and gaining investment on BBC’s Dragons’ Den, she and her husband, Mark, set about creating a range of premium organic coconut oil toiletries packed full of nourishing skincare goodness for their children and yours.


Felicity has used Kokoso since her first bath time and her skin has been so beautifully soft, she did have a little flare up of eczema a few months ago and all I changed was using the normal wash to the sensitive one. Felicty’s eczema has all cleared up now and we just use the normal body wash and if it flares up we use the sensitive because its a little bit more delicate.


The konjac sponge is a perfect match with the body wash. The sponge is so soft and I love the fact it’s natural and kind to soft baby skin even your dinky newborn will love this sponge. It even comes with a storage bag for hanging up and letting it dry naturally! It was odd when the sponge dried hard, my other half compared it to a prawn cracker but as soon as you get it in water again it goes super soft and squishy. Here is another flash back to that first special bath 🙂


We use the coconut oil through out the day and it’s amazing as a barrier cream for her bum, so far she’s only had nappy rash once whilst teething! I love the fact Kokoso do a big tub and a small one. We take the small one with us in our changing bag everywhere we go! I’ve also found the coconut oil has helped my dry hands. I’ve always suffered with dry skin on my hands being a hairdresser they are constantly in water and exposed to everything! My hands are now super smooth thanks to Kokoso coconut oils and Felicity’s skin is super soft. Felicity especially loves her little massages every morning and night with the oil, it’s lovely on her skin and nice bonding time for us.

So when kokoso said to us they would send some of there new happy scalp cream to us we were very excited. Felicity has had cradle cap and it did disappear after a lot of hard work and then since the weather got warm again it came back! After a couple of days of using the happy scalp cream every morning and evening her scalp was completely clear! Now we are using it once everyday to maintain a happy healthy scalp! I’ve also noticed her hair has grown lots since using it so its amazing and will 100% remain in our daily routine!! The happy scalp cream smells so lovely and isn’t super greasy which is what i found when we used previous oils before.


 Kokoso brush, I love that it comes in a handy storage bag and I love how soft the natural bristles are its perfect if you have a newborn with lots of hair like Felicity did when she was born and I love brushing her hair after her happy scalp cream is on.

Basically I LOVE this brand and everything they do, we will forever be loyal customers because I truly believe these are the most beautiful and natural baby skincare products on the market at the moment. Kokoso Baby keeps Felicity’s skin super cuddly soft and makes our bath times so lovely. So Thank you Lauren and your team for finding and making the most loveliest natural products for babies and adults too!




Ain’t no hood like Motherhood

Motherhood it can be a dark and lonely place at times but surronding yourself with likeminded mums can really make your life a bit easier and knowing there is always someone there for a coffee is really reassuring.

More importantly when your teething baby that hasn’t slept all night, has done a massive poop explosion for the third time in a hour all over your cream carpet, your home is a mess and the postman rings your bell and you answer half dressed, When cracking open the wine at midday seems like a great idea its even better relaying this story to your mama pals whilst sipping your wine at the same time obviously!


I’m not going to lie to you I’ve actually found motherhood easier than what I thought it would be… but I think this is hugely down to the lovely mothers in my hood!

I have some lovely friends but they either don’t have children or their babies have grown up and I think its really important to have friends that have children of a similar age, for you to share advice and for your little ones to have their first friends.

So when I was pregnant I had a awful time with my work, I was not supported there at all a fellow co worker was also pregnant and made my life well hell!!! Senior management were not helpful and just didn’t care, I was signed off work sick (first time in my life & felt so down for it) and took maternity leave at the earliest opportunity In October.. for a while I stayed in and didn’t do much and then I found a Facebook local group of mums that met for coffee and play dates in the area I live in! I went along with my bump and met my first proper Mum friends, it was great to talk to mums that had just had babies or not that long ago and to already have a network very close to me. Literally most of the mums live a street or two away from me!

Then I met Mum to be friends at NCT! NCT, well, I’m not guna lie I do think a lot of it was a load of rubbish, did I have a massage and fairy lights and calm music during my birth like we practiced? No!! But I did meet a great group of parents! My NCT mums always try to meet once every couple of weeks for coffee and it’s so lovely to see them all and catch up with the babies, and our whatsapp chat is a go to for advice. Likewise for Dan it is great he has a group of guys that were all having babies at the same time to message, especially in those early sleep deprived weeks! Here we all are with our bumps!


Most importantly I met a best friend at NCT. I’ve not really had many best friends in my life but Jenna truly is amazing. She is a Mama to twins and her girls are beautiful and I’m pretty sure Jenna and myself were separated at birth we are so similar! I feel incredibly lucky to have met someone that’s so on the same page as me and has never once judged me for anything I’ve done parenting wise and neither have I her! I especially love the fact our girls are only 2 days apart, so definitely try NCT because you always need a Mama friend to compare alcoholic drinks with at the end of a stressful day and to have wild Mum nights out!


So Felicity was born 1/1/18 and so this meant for us more socialising. We signed up to Waterbabies, Hartbeeps and Sling Swing… Ok this is a lot of classes but I like to keep busy! Waterbabies we are now in our second term and most of the people are the same from our first class, I like seeing all the babies grow each week and love catching up with the other parents poolside while Fliss and Dan swim!


HartBeeps is amazing and I haven’t actually made any new friends as most of my current friends ended up all going to the same one which is so good, although we met Jenny the lady that runs the class and she is just magical and definitely one of Felicity’s favourite friends!


Sling Swing I met a great friend who has a baby a little bit younger than Fliss and a little boy who’s older, this is great because she’s a pro who’s been through it all already. Also she likes to invite me to lots of pre loved baby selling pages, I mean that is a good friend! I tried Sling Swing out first with Felicity’s first friend and her mum who I met doing pregnancy yoga, it was real good fun so I ended up signing up to a whole term!


I find it great meeting different people at different groups because it opens up your circle and everyone has a different style of parenting which means you can ask everyones advice and pick the bits that work for you! I used to be a firm beliver of keeping your circle small, I still believe its great to have a close circle of friends but opening it up and having a bigger supporting network around us really does help me.

Then the all important online community of Mums, we are strong and their are A LOT OF US!! The insta mums, the bloggers, vloggers and influencers! YES, I’ve got pretty insta happy since having Fliss (who doesn’t when you have something so beautiful to take photos of all the time!). So I joined a Mum follow loop. We have a WhatsApp chat and some mornings I wake up to over 200 notifications from that alone talking all things baby, men, shops, bargains and lately love island (I do not watch love island sorry!) Now I’m a blogger I’m also in a blogging whatsapp chat and likewise that’s very similar it’s great to have all theses other strong women to talk to if you ever need support or just a rant and some of them have the most fantastic looking insta grids I’ve ever seen!


Most importantly my BESTIE since becoming a Mama, Felicity, I love you so much our bond is unreal and I love having you by my side for everything!

Dan you are also my best friend obviously! Thank you for putting up with my constant insta spam, the silence and leaving me to it while we get looping on a Thursday night Mum follow loop and always being their to support and listen to me and for making me a Mama and a wife to be!


So yes, my best advice for new mums and mums to be is try your best to make a Mum friend and if you have a few different circles of Mum friends there is always someone to message, meet or talk to! Meeting and chatting to all these amazing parents has really helped me out a lot of times and totally built my confidence up!

I’m very very grateful for all the strong Mamas and Papas I’ve met so far and can’t wait to meet many more


When To Wean?!

When to wean? This is a huge topic with parents especially amongst many mums I’ve met and talked to online.

Ok so NHS guidelines say 6 months but lots of food companys like Aptamil, Ellas Kitchen, ALDI and Rusk (these are all products I have bought but there are plenty of other options out there) a lot of their products have a range suitable for 4-6 months?! So I did a lot of research in to this and what I read a lot and believe to be true is that they all do different research and the food companies in Europe only do research in Europe where NHS is global. I do strongly believe every baby is different and they develop at different speeds and only you know when your baby is ready!!

Before we started I let Felicity play with her bowl and spoon just to get used to them.


After signing up and getting a free Cow & Gate 5 step weaning plan and signing up to Ella’s Kitchen and receiving our free weaning wall chart with a mixture of both what I read online and heard from friends we began weaning!! We started weaning at 17.5 weeks, Felicity was showing all of the key signs that she was ready!

Remember “Food Before One Is Just For Fun!!” I Love this saying, and we are definitely having fun!

We decided to start with a few little spoon fulls of Aptamil Baby rice, we soon moved on to Ellas Kitchen baby rice with banana which is a very firm favourite for breakfast. “Breakfast” is always after Felicity’s 2nd bottle of the day. Lots of guides recommend introducing breakfast last, but they all also recommend introducing food in a familiar environment (like at home) and we are out most days all day so breakfast time worked for us and its worked out well so far. To start with I fed Felicity but in no time she started to take the spoon off me and feed herself!



Week 2 of weaning saw us try some purées out, Felicity was a lot keener on purée and her favourites are Carrot, Pea and Parsnip! We also tried an ALDI Apple and Bananas pouch and she loves that too!


What I’ve been doing is buying ready made pouches, I buy 3 of each flavour (it’s a great way of trying out a new taste) and if she likes it then I will then make my own version!

I still get the pouches because these are great for out and about and if Felicity is at her grandparents it’s so much easier having a pouch!

I give Felicity her purée between bottles 4-5 and she has 5 a day, so it’s a bit like a dinner and then she has her last bedtime bottle.

We are waiting until 6 Months to properly start finger foods but I did give Felicity some cucumber sticks the other day because she is teething and it really helped soothe her gums and she loved the taste clearly because all the middles were gone afterwards! I’m also going to try some frozen fruit in her nuby mesh nibbler over the next week as I’ve been recommended this is great for teething babies too!


I can’t wait to be more baby led and once we’re on finger foods this will definitely be for us, although Felicity already grabs and takes the spoon off me and feeds herself and she loved eating her cucumbers herself!

Here are a few of my must haves for weaning;

•Bumbo/Highchair (This is our highchair from mamas&papas)

•Messy play mat for underneath your chair (this one from ELC is great and not too big)


•Bowls & Spoons (we love bamboo bamboo)

• Ice cube trays for freezing purée or these tommee tippee pots I use are fab!

•Blender ,Food prosessor, or a Nutri Bullet for making your purée

• Wash cloths for a quick wipe down after meals, Aden + Anis ones are lovely and soft!!


I think in a few months time I will do a little update on how we are getting on because it really is only the start. For the moment we are just carrying on with “breakfast” and “dinner” but I occasionally will give her some cucumber or fruit puree in between if we have time just for a little taste. Always remember food before one is just for fun, so don’t stress if you are busy and out and miss giving them some food they get all the nutrients they need from their milk the little spoonfuls of food is just a taster at the start!


Bath, Bottle & Bed Routine?

I always said “I’d never have a set bath and bed routine, I’d never do bath time every night, Why do parents do that? They have no evenings to themselves!?” Honestly couldn’t get my head around it. That was until about two weeks ago….

After a couple of weeks weaning, Felicity really was getting in to her food especially my homemade pea purée which is hulk green 😳… it was just getting soo messy and I was fed up of wiping her down every evening!

So in came bath time… Fliss loves bath time so I never had a problem bathing her I just use to do it once or twice a week, mainly because of the time it took and she suffers with eczema so less baths seemed to help her skin!!

So now we have a little bit of purée for tea… I find Ella’s Kitchen great for first tastes!

Then bath time in our favourite Shnuggle bath with the loveliest softest baby body wash from Kokoso (we love their products in this household)

Then it’s time for snuggly towel cuddles..

&&& then a massage with Lush Dream Cream…. this cream has taken the internet by storm and fully lives up to expectations for us! After 3 days using it as much as possible all of Felicity’s eczema had disappeared, now we use it every morning and night all over to keep her skin super soft! img_3547-e1527712409420.jpg

Next up… this is a weekly task although her nails grow so quickly I feel like I could do it everyday! I’m sooo scared of cutting Fliss’ nails, mainly like most parents terrified of cutting her diddy fingers so we use these amazing baby nail files from Baby Nails.

And then she has her bottle after a bit of play time and TA DA …. BED!!!!

It seems to have just fitted in well with our evenings and now Dan and I actually have a lot more time just us in the evenings which is great, I still would recommend not setting times or anything mainly because I don’t work well with timelines and pressure, so although we have a routine its very very relaxed

….. So yes I do laugh when I hear new mums or mums to be saying what they will and won’t do mainly because I think of myself 5 months ago and look where I am?!

Bath, Bottle & Bed Routine!!!!



Hi I’m Jess 1 half of @theadventuresofjessandfelicity a 26 year old new mama winging it daily! I’m a flamingo lover, a shopper, cocktail & prosecco drinker, wife to be and a hair stylist! Mothering a daughter with a far better wardrobe than myself.


Felicity Katie-Rain A – 21 weeks old, very smiley, loves posing for photos, a flamingo lover also like my mama! Currently enjoying the messy stages of first foods and already on the move and escaping, Love dressing up in all my nice clothes & throwing up all over them obviously!


I’ve set up this blog to document our adventures past, present and future! It’s going to be full of honest mothering and the odd snap shot of @theadventuresofdanandfelicty because with out him Fliss wouldn’t be here and I wouldn’t be a wife to be ❤️


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